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This is a photo of Rachel Amies of Crazy Digital Creative. It's the main image on her blog writing services page. She's standing up, wearing a dark blue top and smiling at the camera. There's a bookshelf on the left hand side of the photo and a nice leather chair in the background.

Do you struggle to find time to write good quality blogs?

Not feeling confident about boosting your blogs with search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Does blog writing get pushed down to the bottom of your to-do list?

High quality blogs take time. Time to research and time to write. Even if you have all the knowledge inside your head, it can be difficult getting that written in a way you’re happy with.

And then you need to optimise your blog for SEO.

That’s where my blog writing services comes in.

My blog post writing services include:

  • research on blog topics you’ve come up with
  • SEO keyword research
  • original and engaging blog content written for you
  • social media snippets written for you so you can share your blog posts with your followers

Key features

Get seen as the go-to expert in your industry

Boost your SEO to get more website traffic

Attract more leads for your business

So why not outsource your content writing today?

Rachel is exceptional and has truly taken the stress out of ‘blogging’. Quality of work is second to none and extremely customer focussed. I am very grateful for Rachel and her ongoing support.

Kylie Thomas

DreamStone HR

I engaged Rachel to write some blog posts for our financial services business. Rachel is amazing to deal with and she understands our business and the compliance that comes with it. She’s also written sales pages and has completed SEO audits of our WordPress site. She is now our go-to person for all things relating to copy and WordPress.

Kylie Sultana

Creo Wealth

After already launching our recent workshop sales page, I engaged Rachel to review the page to ensure maximum results. Not only did Rachel respond very quickly to our request, she made the sales page work wonders! I trust Rachel’s advice implicitly. She will now be the only copywriter I recommend, even to all my clients.

Suzanne Walker

Clear Path Accounting

The crazy blog menu

Here are my purrfectly popular blog writing service packages. If you’re after a block of five or 10 posts, or you’re after a different blog post length, get in touch and let’s chat.

Optional add-ons

Need more than SEO-optimised blog posts? No worries. Here are some add-ons I have available:

Frequently-asked questions

Why should I have blog posts on my website?

In today’s digital world, search engine optimisation (SEO) is more important than ever. Having a blog relevant to your industry can boost your website’s SEO. This increases your chances of getting found online by your ideal human.

While some humans are ready to buy based on your product or service pages on your website, other humans are still at the investigation stage. This makes blog posts an ideal first touch point for your purrfect human.

What blog topics should I have on my website?

This will depend on the industry you’re in and how many products or services you offer. Questions you get asked by your ideal humans and leads can make great blog topics. You can also mix things up by using case studies for blog topics as well, for example.

It’s all about building your authority as the go-to human in your industry. After all, this builds trust with potential leads which, in turn, helps you attract more business.

How long should blog posts be?

Blog posts need to be interesting, engaging and relevant. For some blog topics, this means the length might be relatively short. For other blog topics, the post length will be longer.

But the main point here is not to go on and on, just for the sake of making the blog post longer than it needs to be. That’ll bore your humans.

What information do I need to give you to write my blog posts?

We can have a chat over Zoom or phone to discuss what blog topics you’d like me to write about. Or, if you’ve got a list of topics written down, you can email them to me once you’ve booked in your blog project.

What if I'm stuck coming up with blog topic ideas?

I’ve had a few business humans with blogs who sometimes get stuck with blog topic ideas. So you’re not alone.

If you’re stuck with your blog topics, then check out my blog topic strategy service.

How often should I publish a blog post?

This depends on your preference and on your digital marketing strategy. But the most important thing with blog posts is consistency.

When you work with me, we’ll discuss how often you’d like me to write blog posts.

If you’ve used WordPress to build your website, and you need help publishing your blog posts, we can include that as an add-on.

Will you write a sample blog for me, and I'll pay you if I like it?

Ah, no. If you want to trial me to see if we work well together, then book me in for one blog post. Then you can decide whether you’d like to book me in to write further blogs.

Want to take a squiz at my writing style? Then check out my copywriting portfolio.

I'd love you to write more than one blog post. Do you offer block packages?

Yes, I do. As well as individual blog posts, I also offer packages of five and 10 blog posts. Get   in touch with me for more information.

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