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Don’t be a copycat. Get original SEO website copy

Today’s digital world is competitive. This means you need perfect SEO-optimised copy. You know, the kind of copy that makes you stand out from your competitors. And this is where my website copywriting services come into play.

I’m an SEO copywriter who loves to write copy that:

  • pleases your ideal humans, and
  • is optimised for search engine optimisation (SEO) gods
A photo of Rachel Amies from Crazy Digital Creative holding an iPad. This pic is on Rachel's website copywriting services page, where she talks about the importance of SEO website copy.

What’s SEO and why do I need it?

SEO is all about increasing your website’s visibility organically. In other words, it’s getting your website found without using paid search ads.

The higher your website ranks in search engines, the more humans will see it. And that’s exactly why it’s important to optimise your website, and your website content, for SEO.

Why use an SEO copywriter?

You’re likely to have visited a website with unappealing content. You know, the kind of content that you’d rather forget. On the flip side, you’ve probably seen website copy that’s absolutely excellent, right? Content with attitude that wants you want to read more. And probably made you want to buy too.

Awesome SEO website copy isn’t only about being found on the first page of Google. It’s also about writing compelling copy that entices your ideal human, namely your target audience. So your website content needs to pull at your audience’s heart strings whilst weaving SEO keywords in naturally. This makes using an SEO copywriter a valuable investment for your business.

As a graduate of Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success course, I’ve learnt the best SEO practices. I also use the best tools and methodologies in my SEO keyword research and website copy. Being a member and Ambassador of The Clever Copywriting School, I’ve perfected how to write with your target audience in mind. And I know all about writing in your brand’s tone of voice.

The result?

You’ll end up with SEO website copy that:

  • appeals to your kind of humans, boosting chances that they’ll invest in your services
  • is written with search engines in mind, making it easier for your type of humans to find you online

Thanks to Zoom, Voxer and email, I help business owners all over Australia and around the globe.

I’m the perfect SEO copywriter for you if you want

SEO copy that follows ethical SEO tactics that please the search engine gods. After all, I love black cats but don’t use black hat SEO tactics

awesome SEO keyword research and advice

engaging, jargon-free SEO copy that attracts your ideal humans

website content that’s presented in an easy-to-follow format for your website designer. Don’t have a website designer lined up? Check out my WordPress website design services

to avoid the time and stress of writing and optimising your own website content

I’m not the perfect copywriter for you if you after

black hat SEO that goes against search engine guidelines, such as keyword stuffing. Black cats are welcome here, but black hat SEO tactics aren’t

copy that’s full of your industry’s jargon and hard for your ideal humans to understand

website copy that’s full of duplicate content or plagiarised from a competitor’s website. Yes, I’ve seen this happen!

content that doesn’t truly reflect your brand

After already launching our recent workshop sales page, I engaged Rachel to review the page to ensure maximum results. Not only did Rachel respond very quickly to our request, she made the sales page work wonders! I trust Rachel’s advice implicitly. She will now be the only copywriter I recommend, even to all my clients.

Suzanne Walker

Clear Path Accounting

I recently engaged Rachel to write our website content, flyers and a Facebook Ad. Rachel was able to explain our services in a concise manner. Thanks Rachel!

Lorenzo Tassone

Good Earth Group

I recently engaged Rachel to review content for my new website. I chose Rachel because she’s extremely passionate about her work and no question is silly to ask her. Rachel is an amazing copywriter and I’ve had a lot of feedback about the copy she’s written for me and the email marketing she helped me set up.

Will definitely be back again and again – even if she gets sick of me 😉

Kylie King

The Phoenix Within

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