WordPress maintenance services

To keep your WordPress site purring like a contented cat

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Don’t have time to look after your website?

Perhaps the thought of logging into WordPress drives you absolutely crazy?

Want the peace of mind that your WordPress site is taken care of?

Well, that’s where my WordPress maintenance services comes in. I’m here to give you the peace of mind you need and deserve. I’ll keep your WordPress site running smoothly, while you provide your expertise to your clients.

After all, having a website is an important investment. And it’s also an important asset for your business. So it needs some love and care to keep it running smoothly.

Regular check-ups with a vet helps keep your pet healthy. And it can prevent expensive treatment later on. The same applies to your website. Regular website support and maintenance is better (and kinder to your wallet) than having your website fixed when it breaks. And it’s also less stressful.

Do you know the risks of not maintaining your WordPress site properly?

Here are some risks of not taking proper care of your website:

  • Using an outdated WordPress version can cause issues with newer and updated internet browsers
  • Plugins sometimes conflict with updated software, causing errors
  • If your website crashes and you’re not regularly backing up your website, then you’ve got no up-to-date site to upload. Which means you will need to build it again from scratch
  • Areas of your website may start to break if your content contains links that are no longer working

As a result, you may end up having expensive costs to fix your website, as it wasn’t looked after by a professional. This makes website support and maintenance a worthwhile investment.

Ready to get started?

My web maintenance packages

Frequently-asked questions

What logins do I need to give you?

I’ll need the following logins:

  1. Administrator login for your WordPress site. If you’re unsure how to add me as an Administrator, I can show you
  2. Your hosting and domain name logins
  3. Your cPanel login and password (cPanel is short for Control Panel)
  4. Any premium or paid licenses that are relevant to your WordPress website. For example, Divi, WordFence, iThemes, Gravity Forms and so on
Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you can. While my felines and I would hate to see you go, we understand that your WordPress needs or financial circumstances may change.

This is why I have no lock-in contracts. All you need to do is give me one calendar months’ notice.

Are your monthly WordPress maintenance services available for websites that you didn't design?

My website maintenance services are available to you if you’ve had your WordPress website has:

  • been designed or redesigned by me, or
  • has gone through my WordPress health check, along with the completion of any recommendations I make. My WordPress website health check is a fixed-fee service where I review your site and make recommendations. You can complete the recommendations yourself or request a proposal from me to complete them.
What maintenance plan suits me the best?

If you’re unsure which web maintenance plan suits you the best, let’s chat so I can help you select the most suitable plan for you.

What if I need maintenance plans for more than one website?

My WordPress maintenance plans are for one website only. So, if you have more than one site that needs maintenance, you’ll need more than one plan.

You’re more than welcome to have each website on a different maintenance plan.

Do you maintain WooCommerce websites?

I predominantly work with service-based businesses. And while I’ve got some WooCommerce knowledge and experience, I don’t enjoy working with it. Because of this, I don’t work on or maintain WooCommerce websites.

If you’ve got a WooCommerce site that needs work or maintenance, get in touch. I can recommend WooCommerce humans to you.

Are you ready to invest in my WordPress website maintenance services today?

If you’re ready to sign up to a web maintenance package today, then get in touch.