Website and content audits

Identifying how to turn your WordPress site from ‘meh’ to Amehzing! 

Photo of Rachel Amies of Crazy Digital Creative. She's wearing a dark blue top and leaning against a wall with her hand on her hip. This is the hero image of Rachel's home page of her website where she offers digital marketing services in Sydney.

When was the last time you had a website audit?

Has anyone reviewed your website’s content recently?

Concerned that your website isn’t ranking well for SEO?

Well my website and content audit is here to help. It’s an obligation-free, fixed-price service. And it’s designed to give you peace of mind through honest feedback from a tech-savvy expert.

We all get told to have our vehicles serviced regularly. After all, it ensures we’re kept safe on the road and it avoids expensive mechanic bills down the track.

Well, the same applies to your website and its content.


It’s like a health checkup for your WordPress site.

Auditing and maintaining your website ensures it keeps running smoothly. And they help uncover hidden issues such as:

  • slow-load pages
  • broken links
  • technical issues
  • any holes in your website content
  • why your site may not be ranking well for SEO

And a whole bunch of other stuff.

Image is a photo of Rachel Amies leaning against a colourfully-painted wall. The image is used on. her website and content audit service page.

Hi, I’m Rachel

And I’ve been building WordPress websites for a while now. Not only that, I’m also the WordPress ambasador for Kate Toon’s Clever Copywriting School. Being an ambassador allows me to help other copywriters with their WordPress sites.

I also am an experienced SEO copywriter and have completed advanced SEO training. I’ve helped many businesses with their SEO website, sales page and blog content.

But I’m also here to help you. After being a WordPress geek and an SEO copywriter puts me in the perfect position to do a WordPress website and content audit.


The benefits of a website and content audit

Gain insights into your website’s performance

Learn how to improve visitor experience

Identify any existing vulnerabilities in your website

Pinpoint any technical issues

Learn what holes there are in your written content

Find out how to improve your site’s SEO

Not only does a website and content identify issues with your website, SEO or content. I’ll also provide recommendations on how to fix them.

I recently engaged Rachel to help me with my website which was a nightmare after having it created overseas. She was extremely helpful, making every step easy along the way which is great for non-technical people. I would not hesitate to recommend her or use her again if needed.

Sue Davies

Impress Promotions

I engaged Rachel to write some blog posts for our financial services business. Rachel is amazing to deal with and understands our business and the compliance that comes with it. She has also written sales pages and has completed SEO audits of our WordPress site. She is now our go-to person for all things relating to copy and WordPress.

Kylie Sultana

Creo Wealth

Working with Rachel has been an ABSOLUTE BREEZE! Not only is she kind, friendly and super professional, but she truly goes above and beyond for her clients. She fixed the responsiveness issues my WordPress website was having and tidied up a whole host of other things I hadn’t even noticed. Her communication skills are EXCELLENT, and I felt confident and comfortable the entire time with her at the helm. She delivered the project well ahead of time, and took all the stress out of the process. I will definitely be working with Rachel again! I highly recommend her for your website (and copywriting) needs.

Diana Ioppolo

Ignite Content

My website and content audit packages

Basic audit

  • WordPress website with 15 pages or less
  • WordPress audit: Inclusions: review WordPress settings, plugins, theme settings, Google Analytics and Google Search Console setup, broken link scan
  • SEO audit: review image optimisation, image alt tags, page speed, title tags, meta descriptions, internal linking, mobile responsiveness, navigation, Google Business Profile, backlink audit, social media links
  • Content audit: review for duplicate content, determine whether content is up-to-date, is it written for for your ideal humans, review call-to-actions
  • An audit report with recommendations

Intermediate audit

  • Same as the basic audit but with additional SEO analysis
  • Additional SEO analysis: check Domain Authority of website and SEO ranking analysis of up to 15 pages
  • An audit report with recommendations

Advanced audit

  • Same as the intermediate audit but with additional SEO analysis
  • Additional SEO analysis: Competitor analysis for up to three competitors
  • An audit report with recommendations

Frequently-asked questions

What's WordPress?
The majority of websites are built using a Content Management System (CMS). And there are many of them around these days.
WordPress is one such CMS and it’s the most popular. Others include Shopify, Wix and Squarespace.
I prefer WordPress over its alternatives for many reasons which I won’t go into here.
Can't I just get one of those free SEO audits?
I’d caution against relying solely on an instant, automated audits offered for free. While those tools do check some basic technical components, they have significant limitations. Free audits:
  • only examine what’s visible from the outside. There’s no insight into Google Analytics or search data. My analysis includes unique metrics you won’t get otherwise
  • provide very generic, broad recommendations which still need interpretation and customisation. I tailor my advice specifically to issues found on your individual website
  • lack the human insight and context I bring as a WordPress and SEO copywriting consultant. I’m able to audit your website with your business goals, content and audience in mind. Automated solutions miss holistic connections
  • often leave crucial issues untouched while emphasising less impactful problems. My recommendations focus on the factors most likely to provide a return on investment
I'm confident that my website developer built my website well. So why bother with an audit?
I definitely understand having faith in your developer’s skills. However, even the most talented developers can miss critical elements of on-page optimisation as SEO evolves. What was best practice six months ago may now be ineffective.
Additionally, many developers focus primarily on technical site construction and functionality. That doesn’t always align with what search engines want to see from an indexing or ranking perspective. Elements like keyword optimisation, content structure, amongst other things, end up deprioritised.
My audits also reveal any missed opportunities.
Think of my website and content audits like getting a routine physical checkup at the doctor. You may feel fine but you’ll almost always discover helpful areas for improvement that you didn’t expect.
What do I need to provide you before you start the website and content audit?
I need:
  • Administrator access to your WordPress website
  • viewer access to your Google Analytics
  • viewer access to your Google Search Console
If you’re unsure about how to provide me access to any of the above, I can explain how you can do it.
What if I don't have time to work through your recommendations?

When I give you my recommendations, I’ll give you an estimate of how much it’ll cost for me to help you work through them. You’ll have 30 days to accept my estimate (under my terms and conditions).

How long does the audit process take?

I complete most of my audits within 14-21 days. It will vary depending on what other projects I’ve got on at the time. But I’ll give you a completion date when you book in your audit.

What if I have additional questions after receiving the audit report?
I welcome any follow-up questions! Audit clients receive 30 days of email support from the date I email you the audit report. This allows you to clarify or ask anything about any of my recommendations.
I also offer one-hour Zoom consulting if you need more in-depth guidance. The one-hour Zoom consults are $297 including G.S.T.
What's a backlink audit?

It identifies potential issues that might be negatively impacting your website’s Domain Authority. In turn, this can have a negative impact on your website’s SEO.

Why are backlink audits important?

There’s this thing called ‘toxic’ backlinks. Google and other search engines don’t like them. It’s therefore important to analysis your website’s backlinks, to identify any toxic backlinks. And then deal with them appropriately so that it doesn’t impact your search engine rankings.

Why should I have a competitor analysis done?

It’s important to stay ahead of your closest competitors. A competitor analysis includes checking out their keyword usage and reviewing their website. This can help identify gaps in your website and also identify gaps in theirs. The result? I can recommend content that fills in those gaps.

I'm a small business owner, not a tech wizard. How do you ensure I understand your audit report and recommendations?
There’s a lot of technical jargon when it comes to websites, copywriting and SEO. And I know it can get overwhelming.
To overcome this, I prepare my audit report and recommendations using plain English. If I need to use any industry jargon, I’ll explain it to you so that you can fully understand my report and recommendations.
How often should I get these audits done? Is it a one-time fix or an ongoing love affair with my website?
This will depend on the size of your website and how often the content on it gets updated or added. It can also depend on how often your website is maintained.
But I suggest at least once every 12 months. It’s easier to identify issues before they occur and fixing them straight away. And it’s often more expensive to react to any website issues than dealing with them before they happen.
Do you have any success stories to share about turning websites from 'meh' to 'aMehzing'?
I’ve had two recent success stories.
On one website audit, my client had:
  • a lot of images on their website that they weren’t using, and
  • the images weren’t optimised for SEO (including issues with image sizes)
They were taking a lot of space on their website hosting. After the audit, I worked through my recommendations. This resulted in the client freeing up almost half of the space they had on their hosting. This allowed their website to load much quicker.
On another audit, my client was ranking as well as they’d like for certain SEO keywords. After the audit, they decided to have their website rewritten and redesigned. Soon after I did this, their SEO rankings improved dramatically. I continue to help this client with SEO blog content.

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