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Photo of Rachel Amies wearing a shirt with cats on them, sitting at a computer with her hand on her mouse. This photo is the feature image for her WordPress web design Sydney services page.

Are you tired of asking a web developer or designer to do basic WordPress tasks?

Do you have a newly designed or redesigned WordPress site and have no idea how to maintain it?

Are you new to using the Divi theme and want to learn it without doing a Divi course?

Let me help.

My one-on-one WordPress training will give you the confidence you need without running to a web developer with every single thing.

Let’s face it. I love outsourcing tasks I hate doing. And you probably do too. But many web developers and designers won’t help you unless you give them at least one hours’ work.

But what if the WordPress stuff you want done isn’t an hours’ worth of work? Or if you don’t want to wait until your website designer can fit it into their schedule?

That’s where having some WordPress knowledge is perfect for you.

Why sign up to WordPress training in Sydney or pay for one of those Divi online courses that you’ll never finish?

Rachel’s span of knowledge is incredible. She delivered CRM training for our team (without making me feel silly for asking the obvious!), graciously sharing information and taking the time to explain things thoroughly. She’s willing to go the extra mile and, most importantly, is a deliciously lovely person.

Melinda Leyshon

You. Me. Brand. Now.

What you’ll get

Everyone’s tech-savviness and understanding of WordPress is different. This is why I tailor my WordPress training to suit your specific needs.

Training can include:

  • Installing WordPress on your hosting platform
  • Finding and changing the default WordPress settings
  • Adding a WordPress theme
  • Using the premium WordPress theme Divi, made by Elegant Themes
  • Customising your theme colours
  • Customising your navigation menu and footer
  • Adding and configuring WordPress plugins
  • Adding blog posts and website pages
  • Adding hyperlinks to your page or post content
  • Creating projects and portfolios
  • Creating widgets for your sidebar or footer
  • Adding contact forms
  • Resizing, renaming and adding images to your site
  • Ongoing maintenance of your WordPress website
  • Setting up basic SEO
  • Setting up Google Analytics and Google Search console
Photo of Rachel Amies wearing a black shirt with ginger and grey cats. She's leaning in a doorway. This image is used on her WordPress training Sydney page.
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Frequently-asked questions

Can you do face-to-face WordPress training?

I can but I’ll need to incorporate travel time and costs into my proposal for you.

If it involves interstate travel, you’ll need to pay my flights to and from your state in advance and accommodation. If you’d like face-to-face training, get in touch to discuss your requirements. I’ll then give you a proposal.

Do you provide training on WooCommerce?

While I have WooCommerce experience and knowledge, I don’t enjoy that part of things. This is why I focus on service-based businesses. As a result I don’t offer WooCommerce training.

I do, however, provide training on using StudioCart. StudioCart is an alternative to WooCommerce. I’ve found that clients find StudioCart easier to use.

Will there be time to ask questions during the training?

Yes, I encourage you to ask questions during our training session.

Can I break the full-day training into two half-day sessions?

I get it. A full-day of learning can be overwhelming and downright exhausting. Which is why I’m happy for you to do your full-day training over two half days.

If you’re wanting to do your full-day WordPress training over two half days, you can opt for:

  1. two mornings, the day after each other (9 am to 12.30 pm), or
  2. two afternoons, the day after each other. This can be either 1.30 pm to 5 pm or 2 pm to 5.30 pm.
I'm a complete beginner. Is one-on-one WordPress training right for me?

Yes. Learning WordPress one-on-one means you won’t feel the urge to ‘keep up’ with other students, if you enrol in a WordPress course instead.

I’ve provided training to complete WordPress newbies. And because I record our session for you to rewatch, you don’t need to remember everything the first time around.

I'm pretty good with WordPress. Is this right for me?

Definitely, especially if there are aspects of WordPress you’re not familiar with. And if you’re wanting to learn how to use the Divi theme, then this training is perfect for you too.

Will we train using my existing WordPress website?

I find people learn better if they have their WordPress training on the back end of their own website. This means I prefer doing our training this way.

You’ll have to add me as an Administrator to your site before the training. I can give you a video on how to do this, if you’re unsure of how to add me. But you can remove me once the training has finished, unless you’d like me to provide monthly WordPress support.

I'm not based in Australia. Can you still provide me with training?

I sure can. We just need to schedule a day and time that suits both of our time zones.

Ready for some tailored-for-you WordPress training?

Get in touch with me today and let’s get started.