Looking for perfect sales page copy that connects and converts?

Forget DIY-ing your sales page content. I’m the sales page copywriter who writes copy your ideal humans love

Rachel Amies is holding an iPad wearing a dark coloured top with a red background. Rachel of Crazy Digital Creative is a sales page copywriter, helping business owners who get stuck with writing their own copy.
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Struggling to write sales page copy that doesn’t sound like you’re a used car salesman?

When I started my business, I dreaded the thought of selling my services. Sure, I wanted to attract my ideal human as a client. And I still do. But I don’t like sounding pushy, sleazy or desperate.

I’ve always been good at writing. At university, I worked in the editorial department of Reuters. And I completed a short contract role with The Christchurch Press.

After graduation, I worked as a litigation solicitor for around eight years. This taught me how to write affidavit evidence in my client’s tone of voice. And I wrote legal articles for a local newspaper and my employer’s website.

So when I switched to copywriting, I was able to transfer the skills I learnt and regularly used. But I also invested time and cash learning how to market myself online. This included training in search engine optimisation (SEO) and writing sales page copy.

This puts me in a perfect position to write sales page copy that connects and converts your ideal human. And I can increase the chances of your ideal human finding your sales page organically through search engines.

Now I’m here to help you.

Key features

Sales page copy that connects and converts your ideal human

Advanced SEO that’s weaved into your copy in a natural manner

Sales page copy presented in an easy-to-follow format

Fixed rate pricing so you don’t get bill shock

Did you know DIY sales page copy will cost you more than what you’d save?

As a business owner, you pour your heart and soul into the products and services you offer. Which means you know the value you provide more than anyone else.

But that doesn’t mean you’re the perfect person to write your own sales page copy. And it doesn’t mean you should pay for online ads that drives traffic to your DIY sales page.

I often get asked about pouring hard-earned cash on online advertising to drive traffic to a sales page.

My response?

Sure, you can spend your cash on Facebook, LinkedIn or Google Ads.

But your sales page will only sell your thing if it connects to your ideal human and converts them to buy.

And that’s where I can help.

I write sales page copy that:

  • ensures you don’t sound like a used car salesman
  • is written in your brand’s tone of voice
  • connects and converts your ideal human
  • is optimised for the search engine gods, such as Google
  • is presented in an easy-to-follow format that you can forward onto your web designer

Crap copy costs money

How it works


Book a chat
Once you get in touch with me, we’ll arrange a phone or Zoom chat to discuss your sales page copy project


I’ll then put together a proposal and email it to you. This includes my cost estimate of the project and optional add-ons


Once you’ve accepted my proposal and made your first payment, we’ll arrange a detailed briefing session


SEO keyword research
I’ll start off with SEO keyword research and choosing an appropriate keyword and related synonyms


Write your pawsome sales copy
I’ll then write your purrfect words that connects and converts your ideal humans


Review and amend
You’ll have the time to read the copy, ask any questions and request amends


Once all revisions are complete, I’ll have the sales page copy professionally proofread


Final payment
I’ll email through my final invoice seven days after I email you the first draft. My payment terms are seven days


Woohoo! The copywriting process is all done. And now it’s time for your web designer to design your sales page

I would love an awesome sales page. But will my ideal humans find it?

Your sales page has the same challenge as any other page on your website. And that’s optimising your sales page for the search engine gods. After all, you want to be able to find your ideal human that may not yet know your business exists.

And that’s where my SEO skills come in. I’ve refined my SEO knowledge through Kate Toon’s Recipe for SEO Success course. I put those SEO skills to use every single day as an SEO copywriter.

What does that mean?

It means I use ethical SEO techniques in my copywriting to help you get found online. As a crazy cat lady, I love black cats. But no black hat SEO tactics are welcome at Crazy Digital Creative.

You can continue to struggle to write your own sales page. Or you can engage my SEO and sales page copywriting expertise

What’s included

I’m not here to take your money and run. After all, my feline gods wouldn’t let me. While I have a guided DIY sales page package, my done-for-you package includes:

60-minute briefing call

SEO keyword research

Competitor research

SEO sales page copy

SEO title and meta description

Two rounds of revisions

Professional proofreading

Design tips

Hi, I am Rachel

I started my university career studying music majoring in performance trumpet. I then switched to law and criminology, leading me to work as a barrister and solicitor. For a little while, I was a contributing author of a couple of legal texts before moving from New Zealand to Australia.

After around eight years of legal practice, where I got called a “geek” for having my head in a law text, I changed careers. I worked in office management for a while, in roles that allowed me to use my legal experience. This included a role where I wrote insolvency-related articles for an employer’s website.

It was in that role when I decided to return to my creative side. After starting my business, I learned that business owners like you loved my writing style. And they also appreciated my WordPress knowledge.

Keen to find out how to refine my writing skills, I became a member of The Clever Copywriting School which I’m now an Ambassador of. This led me to complete sales page copywriting training. And I’m honoured to have also been a Copywriting Awards Judge.

The result?

I’m a WordPress designer, an SEO copywriter and sales page copywriter. This lets me be a geek as well as a creative. Which makes me the purrfect person to write SEO copy that connects and converts your ideal human.

A photo of Rachel Amies who's a copywriter for sales page content.

My credentials

As featured in

My sales page copywriting service is for you if you’re after a copywriter who:

is a whiz at SEO keyword research

believes in using ethical SEO tactics

writes perfect words for your humans without making you sound like a used car salesman

organically weaves SEO keywords in your sales page copy

is also a web designer so understands what needs to be done in terms of back-end SEO

My sales page copywriting service isn’t for you if you:

underestimate the value of good sales page content

want to use unethical black hat SEO tactics that goes against search engine guidelines

want to use your industry jargon instead of language that connects to your ideal human

prefer sounding like that used car salesman

aren’t concerned about how your sales page looks on your website

Client Testimonials

What do others say?

After already launching our recent workshop sales page, I engaged Rachel to review the page to ensure maximum results. Not only did Rachel respond very quickly to our request, she made the sales page work wonders! I trust Rachel’s advice implicitly. She will now be the only copywriter I recommend, even to clients.

Suzanne Walker

Clear Path Accounting

I recently engaged Rachel to review content for my new website. I chose Rachel because she’s extremely passionate about her work and no question is silly to ask her. Rachel is an amazing copywriter and I’ve had a lot of positive feedback about the copy she’s written for me and the email marketing she helped me set up.

Will definitely be back again and again – even if she gets sick of me 😉

Kylie King

The Phoenix Within

I engaged Rachel to write some blog posts for our financial services business. Rachel’s amazing to deal with and understands our business and the compliance that comes with it. She has also written sales pages and completed SEO audits of our WordPrss site. She is now our go-to person for all things relating to copy and WordPress.

Kylie Sultana

Creo Wealth

Some brands I’ve helped with awesome copywriting

Your investment

Ready to get started?

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G.S.T. does not apply if you’re an overseas human

Isn’t it time you get help with your sales page copy?

If you’re wondering if it’s the right time to invest in your sales page copywriting, I’m going to ask you a question. If not now, when? The sooner you get and use your perfect sales page copywriting, the sooner you start increasing your sales.

Frequently-asked questions

Unsure about something? Here are some commonly asked questions.

What will it cost?

I always package my services instead of charging an hourly rate. This benefits both of us as it provides clarity on the scope of your project as well as pricing.

The three sales page copywriting packages listed on this page gives you an idea of my pricing. For a personalised proposal, get in touch so we can discuss your copywriting project.

Are you the perfect copywriter for me?

Not only am I trained in both SEO and sales page copy, I’m also known as professional and easy to work with. And I’ve practiced the knowledge that I’ve learnt.

Wannt some real proof about my pawsomeness? Then check out the client love I’ve received from current and past clients.

Will you provide a proposal before work begins?

Always! I’ll provide you with a tailor-made proposal along with optional add-ons. You’ll also learn the timeframe of your project. And I’ll provide you with my full terms and conditions.

Will I need to sign an Agreement?

Yes, you will. This provides clarity for both of us because who wants confusion?

That's a lot of cash to invest in a sales page. What if it's outside of my budget?

Let’s flip this question around. Can you afford not to have a sales page that connects and converts your ideal human?

If your sales page isn’t converting, then that’s no fun for business. And maybe it’s the reason you need a pawsome copywriter. This means you can’t afford not to have a purrfect sales page.

But if a written-for-you sales page is outside of your budget, you can get started with my guided DIY package. That way, you’ll at least have a good foundation for writing your own sales page.

What are your payment terms?

I don’t expect you to pay 100% of your project investment upfront. But I’ll ask you to make an initial payment before work begins. You’ll need to pay invoices within seven days.

I'm not based in Australia. Will I need to pay G.S.T.?

No. I charge G.S.T. for Australian-based humans only.

I need my sales page copy urgently. Can you help?

I sometimes can fit in an urgent project, depending on how booked up I am. So feel free to get in touch to check my availability.

I charge an additional 25% for projects requiring urgent turnaround.

How do you present your sales page copy?

I’ll email you my sales page copy in a Microsoft Word document. With the Word document, I’ll also record a short video explaining why the document is set out the way it is.

When you provide feedback, I ask that you use the comment and tracked changes functions in Word.

Will I own the copyright to the sales page copy you write for me?

Once your copywriting investment is fully paid for, the copyright will transfer to you from me.

What if I don't like the first draft of the sales page copy?

I’m a big believer of good communication. This involves a detailed briefing discussion before I start writing. I do this to minimise the amount of changes needed on the first draft.

However, all my proposals include two free rounds of revisions.

How long will it take?

This will depend on a few things including:

  • how busy my schedule is when you book your project
  • how soon you’re able to provide feedback on the first draft
Can I see samples of your copywriting?

Absolutely! Check out my copywriting portfolio.

I'd love to work with you. What now?

Get in touch and let’s discuss your project. I can then put together a personalised proposal for you to consider.

Do you write more than sales page copy?

I sure do. I also write SEO website copy and blog copy as well as a variety of WordPress website services.

Do you offer web design?

If your website is a WordPress site, I can also help you design your sales page as well as write it!

This could be you

Imagine what it’d feel like to finally have a sales page that sounds like you and fits your brand purrfectly. It looks wonderful on your website and you’re now making more sales of your product or service. How’s that for a return on investment?

The fine print

Like most service providers, my services are subject to certain terms and conditions. You can get an idea of what they are here. I’ll remind you of these before you accept any proposal I email you.

Your investment

Ready to get started?

G.S.T. added for australian residents only

G.S.T. does not apply if you’re an overseas human

Are you ready to invest in perfect SEO sales page copy?