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Is designing or redesigning your website driving you crazy?

Has it been a while since anyone reviewed the backend of your WordPress site?

Perhaps you’ve got no time to maintain or update your website?

Well, if this is you then you’re in the perfect place. I’m a WordPress designer who offers a variety of WordPress website design services.

WordPress? What’s that? I thought I was here to read about awesome websites

Most websites these days use what’s known as a content management system (CMS for short). You may have heard of platforms such as Wix, Shopify or Squarespace. They’re all different types of content management systems. And they’re all designed and used to build websites.

It saves you (or your designer) from building a website from scratch using code, code and more code. Because who’s got the time or patience for that?

WordPress is another example of a CMS. And it’s the favourite CMS here at Crazy Digital Creative, along with the premium WordPress theme Divi. As at January 2023, over 40% of all websites use WordPress. That’s over 810 million websites!

Why use a freelance WordPress website designer?

One thing I love about WordPress is that there are plenty of resources online if you ever get stuck using it. But what if you don’t have the time to find the right resources, learn from them and then use them on your website?

That’s where my WordPress website design services come in.

I have a range of WordPress services, from website design and redesign to audits, personalised training and website support. They’re designed to suit your needs, whether you’ve never had a website or have had one for years.


Client Perspective

I recently engaged Rachel to redesign my WordPress website. Rachel was easy to work with, listened to what I wanted/needed, and kept me informed at all stages. Her attention to detail and passion for what she does shows what an amazing web designer she is. Highly recommend Rachel for any website work you need for your business.

Rachel Townsend

Secretarial Online

My awesome website services

As a freelance website designer, I’m in the perfect position to offer a variety of website services.

Website design & redesign

Perfect if you need a new or redesigned website. And it’s also perfect if you’re switching to WordPress from another CMS.

WordPress & Divi theme training

Awesome if you need one-on-one personalised WordPress training or want to learn how to use the premium Divi theme.

WordPress support

Perfect if you maintain your own WordPress site and need occasional support from a WordPress geek.

WordPress health check

Awesome if you’re second-guessing how you’ve set up your site. Or if you need a second opinion on how your WordPress developer has built it.

WordPress maintenance

Perfect if you don’t have time to look after your website or if the thought of logging into WordPress scares the kittens out of you.

Web design & SEO copywriting

Why have one person designing your site and another write it when I can do both? This stops Chinese whispers. And it ensures your website project runs smoothly.


Client Perspective

I recently engaged Rachel to help me with my website which was a nightmare after having it created overseas. She was extremely helpful, making every step easy along the way which was great for non-technical people! Rachel knows her way around WordPress easily and efficiently. I would not hesitate to recommend her or use her again if needed.

Sue Davies

Impress Promotions

Some of the awesome brands I’ve worked with

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